#4: What makes you lose track of time?

I organized things pretty well. In the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, in my current uni holiday; I divided my activities into a few categories; high priority one, medium level, for growth, and self-care routine.

I believe that time is valuable.

And I have spent enough time doing something unbeneficial for my future.

It is my brain, my wild imagination.

I lose track of time for questioning myself how could things go wrong? What did I do? Do I give my best already? Could I have done it in a much better way?

It was 9 pm, but all of a sudden it’s past 2 am.

I was just woken up, but the sky is getting dark already.

It is both unhealthy and completely wasting time--that is why I schedule things.

Even with the schedule, I owe myself a break so it is okay to bend the rule as long as people won’t be bothered with it.

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